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Celkový počet nalezených psů podle vašich kritérií je 26. Zobrazuji 1-26 z 26

jméno pohlaví otec matka barva rok narození
Angels CHICABEE female McAllister's PRINCE OF DENMARKCudweed's VANITY White and Tan
Cudweed's FORREST GUMP male McAllister's PRINCE OF DENMARKCudweed's VENTURE White and Tan 2008
Cudweed's ILUMINATION female RED THE NOCK RUSTY Never the lastToutchstone MOONRAKER White and Tan 1998
Cudweed's JOLLY GOOD FELLOW male McAllister's PRINCE OF DENMARK Tricolor 2006
Cudweed's PRINCE CHARMING male White and Tan 2001
Cudweed's RENDEZVOUS female Howlbeck BLUE PRINCECudweed's ILUMINATION White and Tan 2001
Cudweed's UNIONMAN male Cudweed's ILUMINATION White and Tan 2002
Cudweed's VANITY female
Cudweed's VENTURE female White and Tan 2002
Cudweed's XAMIR male Fox Valley VISION QUESTCudweed's RENDEZVOUS Tricolor 2003
DAGO male ZEPPNorremarks ROSSELL 1996
EMILY z Akátové Čermy female PITT Bri-Col Black and WhiteMEIBET z Kostelce u Jihlavy White and Black 2012
Foxon's DITA female Lille Ostergads PETRSOS 1995
Lakeside Fellow's ABRACADABRA male Snow Wolf's TRUE GRITCwn Annwfn BRITANNIA White and Black 2011
Lakeside Fellow's BOOT SCOOTIN' BOOGIE male Tricolor
Lakeside Fellow's DASHING ZOE female Snow Wind's CAN'T KEEP A SECRETGulabin's VIXEN VICTORIEN Tricolor 2013
Lille Ostergads PETR male CHANGHammelsvangs TOS
McAllister's PRINCE OF DENMARK male
Norlund SPACEWALKER male Barsetta WANT TO BE BUSTERNorlund ISOLDE White and Tan 2000
Norremarks ROSSELL female Smadebakkens DINONorremarks SIFFEN
SOS female Dollys OTTONorremarks SUE
Stormy Wight's AZURNO male FIPS vom WatzenhahnPOWER OF PEARL von der Grenzsaegmuehle 2009
Sweetjumper's I AM LEGEND male Posey Canyon TOP HAT AND TAILSSweetjumper's THE PRINCESS OF DK White and Black
Sweetjumper's SWEET 'N' COSY HARLEY male Posey Canyon TOP HAT AND TAILSAngels CHICABEE White and Black
Sweetjumper's THE PRINCESS OF DK female Monterey PROWLERAngels CHICABEE Tricolor