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name sex sire dam colour birth year
Danscan's FREDERIK male Rednock SHAGGYANASTACIA White and Tan 2004
Danscan's MARGUERITE female Danscan's FREDERIKDanscan's SPECIAL TINA White and Tan 2012
Danscan's MARY female White and Tan 2005
Danscan's SPECIAL TINA female Hillbilly RUSSIAN ROULETTECudweed's UP TOWN GIRL Tricolor 2006
Danscan's ZMASHING ZORA female Danscan's FREDERIKDanscan's MARY White and Tan 2007
Decoy's BETA male Ghostbusters AXL ROSEPengelli COKE
Decoy's BRILLIANT LADY female
Decoy's HILMA female Decoy's BETAPengelli MELLON
Decoy's ILLER male Brockton TANKDecoy's TURA Tricolor
Decoy's ISOR male Pengelli SIDDecoy's SELMA SELMA
Decoy's SELMA SELMA female Ghostbusters REVENGEDecoy's BRILLIANT LADY
Decoy's TURA female Decoy's ISORDecoy's HILMA
Double Barrel's MAHAHKOE male Wyndhaven THUNDERBOLTRUSTLER'S PIPPA of Windy Valley White 2009
Double Barrel's SHARP SHOT IMAGE male Wyndhaven THUNDERBOLTEdison's TIME TO THRILL White and Tan 2010
Emblazy's ALWAYS BE ON TARGET male White and Tan 1995
Honeyfarms EHRBARE ATHENA female Tricolor 1997
Minnepy's CICCI female 1995
Minnepy's WATCH ME NOW NADO SHIZ female Emblazy's ALWAYS BE ON TARGETMinnepy's CICCI 2001
Nado Shiz's QOUGAR male Kinapak SAF MARSTONNado Shiz's INITRA-ICOULTCHINA Tricolor 2006
Radagast GILMITH female
Radagast MAEGLIN female Ratpack FABIANRadagast GILMITH 2003
Radagast MORGAI female
Radagast ROHAN male Radagast SKUGGFAXERadagast MAEGLIN Tricolor 2006
Radagast SKUGGFAXE male Kentee HAMISHRadagast MORGAI 2003
Touthstone LEMON PEPPER female
Toutchstone MOONRAKER female White and Tan 1993

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