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name sex sire dam colour birth year
ALF of Rushill male Cologne TAFFYJILLY
Allen's BUCKLE male Rushill CLYDEAllen's SPINNEY Tricolor
Allen's SPINNEY female Tyne Valley SPENCERBicester SPY Tricolor
Alne ARCTIC FOX male Howlbeck BLUE PRINCE Tricolor 1999
Ardencote TITAN male
Ardencote TOP NOTCH male
B. Sayners SERGEANT male B. Sayners SMUDGEB. Sayners THIMBLE White and Tan 1990
Barsetta BEAUFORD male White and Tan
Barsetta DIANA female Hoelio PRINCEBarsetta JACKIE MAY 1996
Barsetta EDWARD male Digmoor TAFFYBarsetta SMITTEN White and Tan 1996
Barsetta FEARLESS female
Barsetta FLAMBOYANT female Trumpmoor-Exmoor TASTYBarsetta GAIL 1996
Barsetta FLYER female
Barsetta FUGITIVE male Trumpmoor-Exmoor TASTYBarsetta GAIL White and Tan 1196
Barsetta GAIL female Kenterfox BILLSomerwest JESSICA 1992
Barsetta IVY female Digmoor TAFFYSomerwest JESSICA White and Tan 1992
Barsetta JACKIE MAY female White and Tan 1993
Barsetta KATE female Tricolor 1993
Barsetta KELP female Digmoor TAFFYBarsetta FLYER
Barsetta NAILER male Hoelio TURKBarsetta QUAINT Tricolor 1996
Barsetta NANCY LYN female Hoelio TURKBarsetta QUAINT White 1996
Barsetta NESBIT OF RUFFNTUFF male Hoelio TURKBarsetta QUAINT Tricolor 1996
Barsetta NIECE female Tricolor 1994
Barsetta QUAINT female Digmoor TAFFYBarsetta GAIL White and Tan 1994
Barsetta SMITTEN female Hoelio TURKBarsetta JACKIE MAY Tricolor 1994
Barsetta VAMPIRE male Hoelio PRINCEBarsetta KATE White and Tan 1995
Barsetta WANT TO BE BUSTER male Barsetta VAMPIREBarsetta X-CITE White and Tan 1997
Barsetta X-CITE female Digmoor TAFFYBarsetta NIECE White 1995
BERRY female Rushill AXLERushill DOLLY
Bicester BEANIE female Bicester GOBLINBicester TAG
Bicester GOBLIN male
Bicester SPY female
Bicester STIG male
Bicester TAG female
BO of Brockton female
Bowlock TAN female
Brockton ABBY female
Brockton BONNET female Brockton GEORGIEBrockton MILLIE
Brockton DAN male
Brockton GEORGIE male
Brockton JESSIE female Brockton TOMBrockton PIP
Brockton JESTER male WINGERBrockton ABBY
Brockton LINNY female
Brockton MILLIE female
Brockton MORGAN male Brockton JESTERBrockton BONNET
Brockton PIP female Brockton DANBrockton LINNY
Brockton TANK male Brockton MORGANBrockton JESSIE

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