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We have prepared some statistical data on this page but please keep in mind that the website is not (yet) representative enough as a lot of dogs are missing and many dog records are still incomplete.

We currently have 3983 dogs in the database.

DOGS - Country of Birth
countrynumber of dogs
Czech Republic2607
New Zealand1
Slovak Republic313
United Kingdom372
not specified 190

Statistical data in this table refer only Czech listings. Are calculated manually from known records of the date 31.12.2012.
"TOP" 10 sires of the Czech Republic
positiondog namenumber of ofspring number of matingsiredam
1. ELNINO of Lovealoch 106 24 GOPHER GLOREE WITH PACOLITO ZOCHIC of Lovealoch
2. CLARK von der Heulisse 90 20 Reynwood RUPERT ORNELLA von der Heulisse
3. - 4. CHICO Tanenbruck 89 20 FRODO Černý faun BETY Tanenbruck
3. - 4. Rednock TREASURE HUNTER 89 20 Fox Valley VISION QUEST Rednock ABRAKADABRA
5. DONDIEGO of Lovealoch 88 18 BRUCEWILIS of Lovealoch SUMMER of Lovealoch
6. ASTERIX P. Interris 86 18 BOBDYLAN of Lovealoch SONJA JACK Interris
7. BRADPITT of Lovealoch 86 17 ANOBLE of Lovealoch Ratpack TO THE POINT
8. XERY P. Interris 82 16 Hoelio MURDO SONJA JACK Interris
9. ARCHIE Mandylion 52 12 CHARLIE CHAPLIN vom Mahdenwald EMMA von der Deutschbauerhube
10. Panther Creek HABANERO 48 10 Panther Creek HUNTER Windy Hill FANDANGO

Statistical data in this table refer only Czech listings. Are calculated manually from known records of the date 31.12.2012.
"TOP" 10 most productive mothers of the Czech Republic
positiondam namenumber of offspiring number of birthssiredam
1. BRIGITTE Amfimaros 42 7 BOBDYLAN of Lovealoch NADIA z Kosteleckého rákosu
2. SONJA JACK Interris 38 6 CLARK von der Heulisse MEGGIE von der Heulisse
3. Hillbilly LOVELY KITTY 35 7 Rednock LEMON LUCK Hillbilly GOLDEN GIRL
4. - 5. Foxon's DITA 33 6 Lille Ostergads PETR SOS
4. - 5. BOBIE CALAMITO Gold Florén 33 6 YMAYOLAND of Lovealoch MEGIE z Kosteleckého rákosu
6. XENIE P. Interris 32 7 Hoelio MURDO SONJA JACK Interris
7. DAFFNE z Rataj 32 6 ANOTHER of Lovealoch GITA z Martínkovic
8.-9. MEGGIE von der Heulisse 31 6 BURBERRY of Highfast NIZZY of Highfast
8.-9. ARIEL Sonix 31 6 LANCILOT Dei Pianacci ARA Tanenbruck
10. NO LIMITS of Mayvesta 31 5 Ratpack RIALTO Ratpack MAYCA MILIKA

Top contributors
usernamecountry # added dogs
GryfCzech Republic2212
Gigi-LouCzech Republic1042
BibianaSlovak Republic729

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